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Planar magnetics are becoming more popular in the applications where available space for magnetic components on PCB has constraints. Planar magnetics are compact and have low profile (height) compared to wire wound components.
At ISE we design and develop planar transformers and inductors for switch mode power supply applications.

In power supply industry, LLC resonant topologies were being used from many years. But until recent years LLC transformers were mostly designed by trial and error method because of poor understanding of magnetics inside LLC transformer.
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EMI shielded high current inductors

For certain precision scientific instruments or high reliability electronics it is desirable to provide an area which is essentially free from EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and hence magnetic shielding is required.
LED-verlichting voor de luchtvaart

ISE MAGNETICS ontwikkelde hoogspanningscomponenten, waaronder hoge frequentie transformators en inductoren met een scheidingsspanning van 6 KV voor LED-verlichting toepassingen.
ISE MAGNETICS bij de spoorwegen

ISE MAGNETICS heeft HIGH CURRENT inductieve systemen ontwikkeld voor een Europese fabrikant van spoorwegelektronica voor hoge snelheidstreinen.

ISE MAGNETICS in Aerospace

400 HZ luchtvaarttransformers en -inductors
3-fase 400 Hz 12 Pulse: 3 KW transformer en inductor
NUNA7S ready to launch ! ISE inductors outperform other electrical components