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In power supply industry, LLC resonant topologies were being used from many years. But until recent years LLC transformers were mostly designed by trial and error method because of poor understanding of magnetics inside LLC transformer.

At ISE magnetics we understand fully the physics and engineering behind L-L-C transformers and design custom specific LLC transformers for wide range of applications.
Some of the advantages of LLC topology are below:
1. It can regulate the output over wide line and load variations with a relatively small variation of switching frequency-which helps to design standard EMI filters much easier.
2. It can achieve zero voltage switching (ZVS) over the entire operating range.
3. High power density- efficient than traditional square wave switching technology.
At ISE we work on different LLC transformer requirements:
Power levels: 10W-30KW
Frequency: 30 KHz-500 KHz
Topology: Half bridge/Full bridge center tap configuration
Efficiency: Up to 99.7%
Integrated magnetics: Yes depending up on the application
DC-DC converters
On board E.V chargers
Wireless power transfer
LED power supplies
Aerospace & Military applications
Various niche markets